LVC Solutions optimises energy and compressed air consumption at Vandersanden

GENK – SME LVC Solutions from Genk has scrutinised and improved the entire energy consumption of the compressors and the use of compressed air at brick manufacturer Vandersanden in Bilzen. In doing so, LVC helps to further strengthen Vandersanden’s image as a sustainable and innovative company. For LVC, it is another important step in the company’s strategic turnaround.
LVC originated in the early 1960s as Limburgs Verhuur Center (LVC), active in the rental of compressors, power generators and forklifts. The company was run by the Goltstein family for two generations. Almost two years ago, LVC was taken over by the young Genk-based multi-entrepreneur Maarten Bynens (see accompanying article). He took Luc Kenens (ex-Limarex, ex-Transition Manager and co-founder of Flanders Engineers) on as managing director. Since then, things have gone fast. In less than two years, the number of employees grew from 8 to 14, and the turnover went from 0.8 to 2.3 million euros.


“We remain active in the rental of compressors, power generators and forklifts,” says Luc Kenens. “But we are focusing more and more in our strategy on service and maintenance. Many companies ask us to relieve them of all the worries surrounding this machinery. And we do that with pleasure.”
But it goes even further. LVC Solutions meanwhile also focuses on studying energy and compressed air needs of industrial companies and improving those systems. “Studies show that about 20 per cent of the energy demand of industrial companies is for compressed air,” calculates Maarten Bynens (36). The icing on the cake is the assignment that LVC Solutions was asked to carry out for Vandersanden brickworks, one of the seven ‘Best Managed Companies’ in our country. “They were looking for someone to review their compressors and compressed air management in order to optimise these systems,” says Bynens. LVC Solutions was chosen from several suppliers. “By intelligently controlling the compressors, we ensured that compressed air is only produced depending on demand. That results in significant savings in energy consumption,” explains Luc Kenens.

Fire Brigade Hasselt

It is not the first time that LVC Solutions has carried out this type of engineering assignment. LVC Solutions was also called in for the new building of the Hasselt fire service, the new logistics centre of Carglass in Bilzen and the expansion project of Group Nivelles.

Green energy

Luc Kenens expects a bright future for LVC Solutions. “Thanks to the advance of green energy, there are also opportunities for our company,” he says. “After all, green energy is much more fickle in its production of energy. Many companies and organisations will therefore need power and emergency generators to ensure operational reliability,” he predicts.