INITIUM, with stake in U Plastics, co-owns Govaerts Recycling

U Plastics is proud to announce their participation in Govaerts Recycling, one of Europe’s leading plastic recycling companies. This strategic move marks an important step for U Plastics in its commitment to sustainability and circularity.

U Plastics has long been familiar with Govaerts Recycling’s products and a key partner in the development and production of GOVA Street & Play (furniture and playground equipment). U Plastics’ participation in Govaerts Recycling came about thanks to the new investment fund C for growth, which the company came into contact with through Maarten Bynens, co-owner of U Plastics and owner of the industrial holding INITIUM. This partnership opens the door for U Plastics to increase its footprint in the circular economy while strengthening its sustainability goals.

Govaerts Recycling is known as a market leader in the plastic recycling industry, with an impressive track record dating back to 1995. Based in Alken, the company has processed granules from more than 7.5 billion plastic bottles, equivalent to an astonishing 10 bottles per second. This makes Govaerts Recycling one of Europe’s leading players in recycled plastic.

U Plastics’ participation in Govaerts Recycling will contribute not only to further strengthening the company’s position in the circular economy, but also to reducing the ecological impact of plastic waste. Through this collaboration, both companies will combine their expertise to develop innovative solutions for recycling and reusing plastic materials, thereby making a positive contribution to the environment and society as a whole.

With a shared vision of sustainability and circular economy, the collaboration between U Plastics and Govaerts Recycling promises to be a promising step forward in the fight against plastic pollution and promoting a more sustainable future for generations to come.