11 Limburg entrepreneurs establish investment fund

Renardmont (literally: Vossenberg) is an initiative of Maarten Bynens, who with his Hasselt-based industrial holding Initium coordinates seven SMEs in Limburg. He managed to convince 10 other Limburg entrepreneurs to jointly establish an investment fund of and for Limburg entrepreneurs. Besides Maarten Bynens, the board of directors also consists of Luc De Werdt (ex-Deloitte).

“We want to give companies in Limburg with a good structure and ditto management the opportunity to grow in the long term and at the same time anchor themselves in Limburg,” says Maarten Bynens. “We are not in it for a quick sale, nor are we in it for a few years, but for the very long term.”

“The big plus of Renardmont is that it is an initiative of (mainly) Limburg entrepreneurs,” says Luc De Werdt. “As entrepreneurs they know better than anyone what other entrepreneurs are struggling with. Besides further internationalisation or development of new products, it is often the search for a structural solution for the future of their company and its employees.”

The completion of the first dossier is immediately the signal to go public. Decoline from Pelt is now the property of the new fund. In the last thirty years, Wim Verhoeven (62) and Chris Cornelissen have built the company up into a well-known distributor of curtain suspension systems. This niche is recognised far and wide by specialist retailers and professional window decorators. Decoline employs 40 people, generating a turnover of 7.2 million euros.

“Both our children have now found their own way, and were not interested in continuing Decoline,” says the couple. “And so the question arose as to how Decoline should proceed. There was interest from other investment funds and industry peers at home and abroad. Giving up our baby is not easy emotionally. But with Renardmont we soon felt at ease. Decoline is in good hands, can continue to grow and will remain anchored in Limburg.” Olivier Strauven (Wara), one of Renardmont’s co-investors, will also become a director at Decoline.