IN THE PRESS: VKW Limburg places clappers on driver’s seat

Breed entrepreneurs Maarten Bynens (INITIUM) and Peter Guelinckx (A&M Automobielgroep) and company manager Carlo Theunissen (H. Essers) have just been elected as new VKW Limburg board members.

With the election of the three new directors, the board of directors of employer organization VKW Limburg has committed to further rejuvenation and dynamization. So after the earlier election of Marc Warson (Warsco Units) as president and Rosaline Wijnen (ABN Cleanroom Technology, Smartlog and FRONNT) and Wouter Uten (Velsera, Ugentec) as vice presidents, now Maarten Bynens (INITIUM) and Peter Guelinckx (A&M) and Carlo Theunissen (H. Essers) join the VKW board. They also immediately advance to the executive committee.

INITIUM group is proud that CEO Maarten Bynens is part of this VKW board.


taking the helm of the employers’ organization?

Maarten Bynens (°1982) is CEO of the INITIUM holding company, which now has eight companies. Companies active in automation (Seculux/Entrya in Lanklaar and GMF in Genk), compressors and generators (LVC Solutions in Genk), window decoration (Decoline in Pelt), graphic design & marketing (Osence from Dilsen-Stokkem), plastics (UPlastics in Dilsen-Stokkem) and garden houses (Nowak in As). Together with other Limburg entrepreneurs, he also founded the investment fund Renardmont.

Peter Guelinckx (°1981) is owner and CEO of A&M Automobielgroep, one of the 3 largest dealer groups in Belgium. Headquartered in Hasselt, the group comprises 33 branches, 10 car brands and 57 showrooms in Belgian and Dutch Limburg, Flemish Brabant and Antwerp, providing 860 jobs.

Carlo Theunissen (°1980) is a commercial engineer and has completed numerous additional training courses, including at the Vlerick Business School. He is Chief Operations Officer (COO) Warehousing at logistics company H. Essers. Family-owned H.Essers is an international logistics player for segments such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure and components. With 1,300,000 m² of warehouse space, a fleet of 1,440 trucks and 3,816 trailers and over 7,500 employees spread over 88 locations and 19 countries.

Marc Warson, president VKW: “I am very pleased with this further rejuvenation and dynamization of our board. We welcome three strong new profiles, connectors with a strong network and with an eye for values such as integrity, loyalty and discretion. And thus fitting our VKW-DNA. This balanced board team coupled with a competent management team gives me full confidence in the future. We are ready to expand our employer organization even further in the interest of our member companies and the Limburg economy.”

The renewed management committee of VKW Limburg now consists of: Marc Warson (Warsco Units) (president), Rosaline Wijnen (ABN, Smartlog and Fronnt) (vice president), Wouter Uten (Velsera) (vice president), Maarten Bynens (INITIUM), Lode Essers (Pami), Peter Guelinckx (A&M), Bernard Hallemans (Aperam), Ruben Lemmens (VKW), Yannick Leroi (Sprimoglass), Marc Meylaers (ATL), Maxime Monard (Monard Law), Mieke Neven (Burocad), Ben Spaas (Spaas Kaarsen), Carlo Theunissen (H. Essers), Bas van de Kreeke (van de Kreeke, Soltech), Wim Van Den Bossche (Ecoo), Koen Hendrix (advisory).