if you can’t beat them, join them

Ace Packaging acquires aluminium tray manufacturer Aluvin et Herentals from INITIUM group.

INITIUM always wants to give all companies within the group the best opportunities to grow. It does this by making knowledge and expertise available, close involvement with management, additional investments and acquisitions, among other things.

For Aluvin, we were looking for the right growth path and this is how we came into contact with Ace Packaging, a major player in the packaging business. What started as a prospecting for acquisition resulted in being acquired.
Ace itself was looking for a way to strengthen their range in aluminium because they want to be “All-round packaging partner from A to Z”. Under the motto “If you can’t beat them, join them”, this decision was taken deliberately. It is an opportunity for Aluvin to be included within a larger entity and be able to grow further. Ace intends to keep the entire team and provide continuity.

A sale is not in line with INTIUM Group’s strategy and is also new for Maarten and Ine but after thorough consultation, this is the best course of action for Aluvin. This was done in consultation with Noury, Operational Manager of Aluvin, and he also fully supports this decision.
Inclusion within this major player in the packaging business offers numerous new opportunities and a sustainable future for Aluvin.